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Baking cooker is a flat metal plate used for frying, grilling and making flatbreads like pancakes, tacos, crepes and crepes. Generally common are round, rectangular, heart-shaped and so on. Others have multiple square metal grooves that give the contents a defined pattern, similar to waffle makers and frying pans, round frying pans are usually 20-30cm in diameter.

Types of Baking Cookware


What are the Uses of Baking Cookware?

  • Cakes:

    You will be able to bake different kinds of cakes with the help of baking pans.

  • Cookies:

    One of the best things that people of all ages love are cookies, and you'll be able to make some delicious and tasty cookies.

  • Mini Pizzas:

    With the nice, flat baking pan, you'll be able to make mini pizzas for your kids.

  • Pies:

    If you have a small baking dish, then you can make a beautiful pie with the help of a baking dish.

  • Rolls:

    You can make small rolls with the help of a flat cake pan.

What are the Uses of Baking Cookware?
Baking Cookware

The Manufacturing Process of Baking Cookware

  • 1. Design
    baking pan design

    We start by designing the product according to the customer's drawings, including determining the size, shape and function of the cooker.

  • 2. Material
    baking pan materials

    Choose the right material for your cookware based on the intended use. Usually we use aluminum alloy material (ADC12, A380, A360, etc.).

  • 3. Die Casting
    baking pan die casting

    The shape of the cookware is then extruded using a die-casting process.

  • 4. Deburring
    baking pan deburring

    Deburring and trimming the shape of the product by automatic/manual means.

  • 5. Powder Coating
    baking pan coating

    Choose the appropriate spraying material according to customer needs to make the baking pan non-stick.

  • 6. Packaging
    baking pan packaging

    Finished cookware is packaged and labeled for shipping.

Quality Control of EMP Baking Cookware

Quality Control of EMP Baking Cookware

In order to provide high-quality products, EMP will conduct a series of tests after the products are produced to ensure that customers can use them with confidence.

1. Cross-hatch adhesion test: Verify that the coating is firmly attached to the substrate. The coating peels off easily during use.

2. Anti-rust test: Use a salt spray test machine to verify the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of metal parts. Metal parts are prone to rust.

3. Digital display constant temperature water bath test: drying, concentration, distillation, chemical reagent impregnation, medical and biological product impregnation, water bath constant temperature heating and other temperature tests.

FAQs of Baking Cookware

  • Q

    How do you ensure baking cookware is durable and long-lasting?


    After each baking, it can be soaked in detergent water, and then rinsed with clean water. Never scratch the pan with steel wool. Use under normal conditions and pay attention to maintenance to ensure that the service life of the pot is extended.

  • Q

    Why is it important to buy quality baking cookware?


    Every meal tastes better when you invest in real, high-quality cookware. You'll find thicker, heavier premium baking cookware that even has a 3-layer nonstick coating to make your baking easier. A quality purchase will serve you for many years.

  • Q

    Does it matter what material the bakeware is made of?


    Dark-colored materials dissipate more heat than light-colored materials. So pans with a dark, dull (matte) surface will dissipate the most heat, while pans with a shiny aluminum surface will dissipate the least. Pans that radiate the most heat are best for transferring heat to baked goods.

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