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  • die casting double grill pan price
  • double grill pan price
  • die casting double grill pan
  • double sided non stick grill pan
  • non stick double sided grill pan
  • die casting double grill pan price
  • double grill pan price
  • die casting double grill pan
  • double sided non stick grill pan
  • non stick double sided grill pan

Double Grill Pan

  • A double-sided non-stick grill pan makes food easy and convenient, reducing the spread of kitchen odor and smoke. Close the double boiler tightly while cooking.

  • Equipped with additional functions such as a smart oil pan, even when the upper pan is fully opened, 2 sided grill pan can prevent moisture from dripping onto the stove.

  • High-quality non-stick die-casting double sided grill pan, flip cooking. Gas stove compatible. The non-stick double-sided grill pan is best for grilled vegetables, sandwiches, and pan-fried fish are all great.

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Specification of Double Grill Pan

Package Dimensions‎‎3.15 x 16.73 x 2.36cm
Capacity‎2 Liters
Item Weight‎1.79kg

Features of Double Grill Pan

  • Features of Double Grill Pan

    The handle of double-sided pan stays cool and comfortable on the stovetop. Ideal for Tandoor and BBQ cooking at home

    Easy to cook and clean with fewer fumes and odors

  • Features of Double Grill Pan

    The double grill pan provides even heat and pressure distribution to cook food thoroughly on both sides, resulting in 40% faster cooking

  • Features of Double Grill Pan

    The magnetic closure seals the pot securely, and the double sided pan can be turned over while cooking without dropping any contents.

What is a double grill pan used for?

A reversible double grill pan is a kitchen utensil and an aluminum cookware is a versatile cookware that allows you to bake on both sides. Its purpose is to cook food evenly and heat it from two directions at the same time. Using a double-sided grill pan can reduce cooking time and heat food more evenly. It is suitable for grilling various foods, such as meat, vegetables, bread, etc. With its innovative design and superior quality, this reversible custom frying pan baking pan is a must-have for any kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen experience with our innovative reversible custom frying pan! Explore the outstanding features and quality at our double grill pan price. Elevate your cooking game today!

What are the benefits of a double sided pan?

  • Reduced cooking time: Since the double-sided grill pan can heat food from two directions at the same time, the cooking time can be greatly shortened.

  • Even heating: The double-sided grill pan can heat food from both the upper and lower sides at the same time so that the food can be heated evenly.

  • Convenient turning: Since the double-sided baking pan has a connecting piece between the two baking pans, the entire baking pan can be turned over relatively easily, making it easy to turn over the food, saving time and effort.

  • Multi-function: The double-sided baking pan can be used to bake various foods, whether it is meat, vegetables, bread, etc., it can be done on the double-sided baking pan.

  • Easy to clean: Double-sided baking sheets usually use anti-stick coating, which makes food less likely to stick to the baking sheet, easier to clean, and there won’t be any dead corners that are difficult to clean.

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Personalized customization

EMP cookware has the ability to tailor products according to customer needs.

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We adopt intelligent production lines to achieve automated and efficient production.

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Reasonable Price 

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  • Q

    What kind of the materials can be provided?


    Our commonly used aluminum alloy material are ADC12, A380, A360. It also can be used the other materials per drawing, but it needs to be reached our MOQ in production.

  • Q

    What information should I give to you for inquiry?


    Please send us the part 2d(.pdf, .jpg or..) and 3d(.step/.igs or) drawing, and inform us the project details, such as the aluminum alloy material, EAU, part weight,surface finishing or other technical requirements.

  • Q

    Can you send me samples?


    Sure, we could send you the samples for free, please kindly advise your express account that we could ship to your attention.

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