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Maintaining Your Non-Stick Hot Pot: Dos and Don'ts for Longevity and Performance

While non-stick hot pot isn't as strong as cast iron or copper, it can still last for years with proper care and maintenance. Here are some tips for caring for your nonstick cookware.

Non-stick Hot Pot Care Dos

Let the Pot Cool Completely Before Cleaning

Do not immerse non-stick hot pot directly in cold water or pour cold water on hot non-stick hot pot. Otherwise it may cause the pot body to deform and form an uneven and unstable surface, which will affect the uniformity of heating during cooking.

Clean Non-stick Hot Pot Thoroughly After Use

Always clean non-stick hot pot thoroughly after use. Simply rinsing or wiping away visible residue is not enough, as these residues will oxidize, create odors the next time you cook, or even burn onto the pot, making it nearly impossible to remove, compromising the appearance and non-stick properties of the pot. After cleaning, be sure to wipe the pot dry with a soft cloth to avoid residual moisture that may cause rust or damage.

Non-stick Hot Pot Care Don'ts

Do Not Use Rough Cleaning Tools

When caring for a non stick hot pot, avoid using steel wool or other harsh, abrasive cleaning materials or detergents. Instead, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge, cleaning cloth, or gentle brush are recommended for cleaning. If the pot is particularly difficult to clean, you can try soaking it in warm, soapy water for a few hours or even overnight before trying to remove stubborn residue. If it still doesn't come clean, try using a paste of coarse salt and water as a mild abrasive.

Check if the Non-stick Hot Pot Can Be Used in the Dishwasher

If the non-stick hot pot is not labeled dishwasher safe, avoid using it. While many non-stick hot pots are technically dishwasher safe, we still recommend hand washing because it's simple and effective, and can extend the life of the pot. The extremely hot water spray from the dishwasher can gradually wear away the surface of the pot and may even deform the lightweight body.

By following these simple care and maintenance suggestions, your non-stick hot pot will be able to maintain its performance and appearance, adding more convenience and fun to your cooking journey.