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The household mini stock pot is perfect for boiling milk or instant noodles. You can also cook delicious meals when you are alone at home. With non-stick coating technology, it doesn't matter if you don't want to wash the dishes, just rinse with water and it will be clean, improving life efficiency.

Soup pots are popular for both home and commercial use. It can meet various needs of customers such as soup and stew. Stock pots are available in a variety of sizes to suit any need from home cooking to preparing food for a party. Lobster has a special type of stock pot, and Spanish culture uses an all-metal stock pot (often called a caldera) to cook rice in.

Types of Soup Pot

  • Hot Pot Mandarin Duck Pot

    The non-stick frying pan adopts an environmentally friendly stone pattern coating. Excellent non-stick properties and scratch resistance.The soup pot adopts a double-sided partition design, allowing y...
  • Soup Pot With Wood-Handled

    The stockpot has a diamond-infused ceramic non-stick coating that happens to be PFAS, lead, and cadmium free.The inside is also a little textured so you get better oil distribution, a great sear, and ...
  • Square Soup Pot With Lid

    The casserole features a sturdy aluminum construction. The 3.2mm thickened edge allows the liquid to flow out smoothly without overflowing.The 4-liter saucepan with lid is perfect for heating sauces, ...
  • Hot Pot With Divider Non-Stick Casserole

    Non-stick pan with partition / two flavors in one hot pot. When eating hot pot, there are differences in taste, and a non-stick pan with a partition is a must at home. There is something for every palate, catering to every palate.
  • Square Soup Pot

    In order to meet customer needs and give you different shapes, we have launched a square non-stick pan. You can still cook hot pot and soup, so hurry up and have a look at the small soup pots.
  • Round Soup Pot

    Triple layer nonstick coated round stockpot with lid. Durable tempered glass lid with steam vent, sturdy side handles and knobs, suitable for most types of hobs, including induction. Perfect for a variety of recipes, these round stock pots bring a unique style and sparkle to your kitchen and cooking.
  • Black Casserole Pots With Glass Lid

    Black Stock Pot with Glass Lid is Oven and Dishwasher Safe - Nonstick Safe for Most Stovetops - Grill and Oven Safe up to 475°F - Great for Lasagna, Roast, Soups and Sauces.
  • Nonstick Casserole With Handle

    New Design Nonstick Casserole with Handles. Premium PTFE non-stick marble coating, PFOA free. PTFE heat resistant coating. Wooden soft-touch handle and tempered glass lid. The induction hob base is suitable for all hobs. Even the simplest recipes get the star treatment.
  • Blue Soup Pot With Glass Lid

    The soup pot is made of aluminum, which can be heated quickly and evenly. Suitable for all hobs except induction.The pan has a stylish hard enamel ceramic exterior and a diamond-textured non-stick int...
  • Stock Pot With Lid

    The five-layer granite coating is thicker than standard pans and is extremely durable. High-quality nonstick pans release food effortlessly and clean up effortlessly.The stockpot with lid is made of a...

The Benefits of EMP Soup Pot

  • 01

    Lightweight and easy to store. EMP soup pot is made of aluminum die-casting process. Aluminum is a popular cooking choice because it is lightweight, conducts heat well and is inexpensive.

  • 02

    Double-layer coating, not easy to stick to the pan. The EMP soup pot has a double-layer non-stick coating inside and out, so you don't have to worry about sticking to the pot even if it is boiled on high heat. Bring a good cooking experience to customers.

  • 03

    OEM personalized customization. EMP can be customized according to your needs, and the color, size and shape you want can be realized for you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Soup Pot For Kitchen

There are many factors to choose a soup pot and generally need to consider:

Size: A large pot should be able to hold the amount of food you want to prepare, choose the right size, so as not to run out of capacity;

Price: Please consider your budget when buying a soup pot, the price of each pot is different;

Weight: If you're concerned about the stockpot's weight, consider a stockpot made from a lightweight material like aluminum or titanium, or look for one with a sturdy handle that makes it easier to lift. 

Looking for the right stockpot? Please pay more attention to the EMP website to bring you more information.

Tips for Choosing the Right Soup Pot For Kitchen
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