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Oil fume-free woks are an inevitable trend in the development of woks

In the domestic cookware market, oil-free woks have become an inevitable trend in the development of woks. There are dozens of oil-free products on the market, but the quality varies. Especially when it comes to long-lasting nonstick performance, the differences between brands are huge. Many oil-free pieces on the market have good non-stick properties when first used. But after a few months, no matter how well you take care of it, the wok will start to stick. Therefore, how to make a fume-free wok last longer, more durable, and have longer non-stick properties has become the most important issue for today's consumers.


It is understood that one of our non-stick cooking pans is selling very well and has been liked by many customers recently. Thanks to the smoke-free effect, this product is launched with an upgraded patented fire red dot technology. The new "flaming red dot" design makes the temperature display clearer, fully realizing that "the oil temperature can be seen and the oil smoke is gone" during the cooking process. In addition, another core advantage is the non-stick technology of titanium crystal steel wear-resistant rings. The innovative anti-scratch wear ring is integrated by precise pressing of the inner surface of the pot base. Combined with titanium crystal steel non-stick material, it forms a double-layer fine concave and convex protective layer, which greatly improves the pot's performance. Reduce the contact area between the spatula and the bottom of the pot, effectively protect the bottom of the pot, and make the wok non-stick, wear-resistant, and durable.


A good pot also needs careful care. Experts on cooking utensils in the industry said that before use, you need to dry the water in the pot fully, add cooking oil while turning on the fire source, and wait until the red spots completely turn red before serving; it is best to cook over medium heat, both Keep food original and save energy. Excessive firepower will cause food to burn easily, causing loss of food vitamins and destroying food nutrition. It is recommended that the cooking temperature does not exceed 240°C to reduce the generation of oil smoke. To better protect the pot, use a fire to light the red spot and stir-fry without oil smoke. Due to the performance of the pot, it is strictly prohibited to use metal spatulas and use matching special spatulas.


EMP kitchenware technically achieves cooking without fumes and non-stick. At the same time, with its humanized and fashionable design, fashion is integrated into public kitchens and will become a new trend in kitchens.