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What are the uses of cake molds?


A cake mold is a tool used to make cakes, and there are different shapes and sizes of molds to choose from. The following are the primary uses of cake molds:


1. Cake shape: The cake mold can give the cake different shapes and appearances, such as round, square, heart-shaped, flower-shaped, etc., making the cake more exciting and attractive.


2. Cake size: The cake mold can control the size of the cake, and you can choose different mold sizes according to your needs to make a suitable cake.


3. Evenly baked: Cake molds are usually made of metal or silicone, which can transfer heat evenly in the oven to ensure that the cake is baked evenly.


4. Cake layering: Some cake molds are designed with multiple layers, which can make layered cakes and make the cakes more varied.


5. Easy de-molding: Cake molds generally have a detachable design, which is convenient for the cake to keep its shape intact after de-molding.


All in all, cake molds are an essential tool for making cakes of various shapes and sizes and can provide a wealth of design options, making cake-making more convenient and innovative.