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What materials are used to make chiffon cake molds?

1. When purchasing Chiffon molds, it is best to choose aluminum molds. Aluminum is a material with very good thermal conductivity. Aluminum molds conduct heat quickly and help the batter expand. The cake rises nicely when baked.


2. There is also a chiffon mold made of aluminum alloy. This kind of mold has a coating on the surface, and its thermal conductivity is not as good as that of aluminum molds. Paper molds have poor thermal conductivity, but because the paper is fragile, it is best to place a baking sheet at the bottom of the mold when baking, otherwise, the bottom temperature will be too high and it will easily dent.

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3. When making chiffon cakes, you generally need to choose a mold with a removable bottom, which makes it easier to mold. There are two types of molds: round molds and hollow molds. Compared with the two molds, the hollow mold can help the batter ferment better, and the chiffon produced will be more fluffy and elastic. Hollow molds are used for everyday cooking. Mold for making chiffon cake.

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4. The hollow mold is suitable for rapid baking at high temperatures. At 170-180℃, the baked chiffon will explode in about 30 minutes. The mold is suitable for slow baking at a low temperature, around 150℃, for 45-60 minutes. The ideal state is that the mold is full and the top does not crack.


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