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Which frying pan is the most convenient and favorite for making breakfast every day?

Do you know? A griddle is a Swedish-style pancake pan used for making thin, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. Made from cast aluminum, this product is still on our bestseller list!


The best-selling pancake pan in our range is our pancake pan, which makes seven unique, perfectly round pancakes at once. Simply pour your favorite batter into the circles, flip, and enjoy. The design captures butter, syrup, jam, honey, fruit, whipped cream, and imagination!


Our pancake pan is so easy to use and a great idea for making fun breakfasts with the kids! Please follow these simple steps:

  • Place the non stick pancake pan on the stovetop and preheat over medium heat. Safe to use on ceramic, gas, or electric cooktops.

  • Lubricate the cavity with butter or baking spray. Use a pastry brush for all designs.

  • Fill the cavity with your favorite pancake batter. Tip: Keep one design open each time you fill it. This will make flipping easier.

  • Cook until bubbles no longer form and indicate it's time to turn. The edges will also start to brown slightly.

  • Invert the pancake into the open well. Once the other side is cooked, remove the pancake from the pan.

  • Repeat the above steps with the remaining batter. You may only need to grease the pan one more time.

  • Add syrup and other ingredients and enjoy! Make fun decorated pancakes in no time!


Visit our EMP Cookware website for more products to add to your breakfast. Or contact us to customize your pot!