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How to choose a camping pot?

Key points for choosing a camping pallet

1. Weight

The most important point in choosing a camping pot must be the consideration of weight. Aluminum alloy is suitable for camping, it is cheap, light in weight, and easy to carry.

2. Easy to store

Convenient storage is also one of the key points to be considered for camping pots. It is recommended to choose a collapsible lid. It can be stored conveniently and reduce the burden of travel.

3. Heat transfer rate

Cookers that transfer heat faster save more gas tanks, which saves weight. The aluminum alloy material transfers heat quickly, and many cookers on the market will undergo special treatment to enhance the uniformity of heating of the cooker.

4. Design Details

Many pots on the market have added some thoughtful designs, which can also be one of the considerations when choosing a pot. For example, some pots have a scale design inside the pot, and a rotatable handle to fix the pot cover on the pot, and a coating technology is used to improve the applicability of the pot. These details can increase the convenience of use.


How to choose camping pot capacity/pot type?

1. Capacity

The capacity selection is usually estimated at 500ml for one person and more than 1L for two people. The larger the number of people, the greater the capacity required.

Commonly used capacity selection: number of people × 500ml = required pot capacity

2. Pot type

There are three common types of aluminum die-casting pots: deep pots, shallow pots, and pans. You can choose according to your cooking needs.

① Deep pot: The pot has a certain height and depth, which is more suitable for boiling water, instant noodles, and cooking rice.

② Shallow pot: The pot has a shallow depth and a wide bottom area, suitable for boiling water, stewing ingredients, or cooking.

③ Frying pan: suitable for frying, frying, and other purposes.

Generally speaking, deep pots and shallow pots are more commonly used in mountaineering, because they can be used for cooking and have a wide range of uses. Whether you are cooking in the wild, or making a pot of hot water for coffee in a leisurely afternoon, you need a good aluminum die-cast pot. Please visit our website to inspect and customize your pans.