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Why Is The Aluminum Alloy Non-Stick Pan Not Sticky? How Much Do You Know?

  • Because the surface has a layer of coating, the main component is Teflon. How did Teflon come about?

The chemical name of Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a high molecular polymer polymerized from tetrafluoroethylene as a monomer.

Aluminum Alloy Non-Stick Pan

  • Is Teflon poisonous? There was a time when it was venomous.

In the past, some manufacturers used a chemical substance as a dispersant in the production of PTFE, called perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a highly toxic substance that is harmful to the human body.

However, most countries have banned the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the production of Teflon.

  • Then the question is, is it poisonous in daily cooking?

In fact, such a situation will not happen. The smoke point of the cooking oil we eat is usually around 200°C as a high temperature. Usually cooking is only around 150°C, and even grilling is only 340°C. It is impossible to reach 450°C.

Aluminum Alloy Non-Stick Cooking Pan

So usually, we use non-stick pans for cooking, which will not cause Teflon will break down, nothing to worry about.

Although Teflon is not so easy to decompose, you still need to pay attention to using non-stick pans, otherwise. It is easy to damage non-stick pans.

1. Do not use a metal spatula or steel wool, which will scrape the coating off the surface and stick to the pan when it comes off. It is recommended to use a silicone scraper and clean it with a softer cleaning cloth.

2. Do not dry burn. When there is oil or vegetables, the temperature of the non-stick pan will rise slowly, but it will rise quickly in the case of dry frying, which will damage the coating.

3. Do not fry at high temperatures. When cooking with an induction cooker, the temperature can reach about 250°C. PTFE can work stably below 260°C, which is often close to the limit temperature, which is not good for the coating.

  • The coating of the non-stick pan has peeled off and cannot be used?

If there is only a small piece, it can still be used. If the coating falls off a lot, it will affect the effect and be easy to burn, so it should be replaced in time.