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What is The Difference Between A Wok And A Frying Pan?

The main differences between woks and frying pans are as follows: 

1. Different shapes: The wok is usually round or pier-shaped, with a shallow depth and a large heating area, suitable for high-temperature and fast frying. Frying pans are usually round or rectangular with a flat bottom and relatively high edges, making them suitable for slow roasting and frying.


2. The bottom material is different: the wok is mainly made of materials that are not easy to adhere to, such as stainless steel, cast iron and non-stick coating. Frying pans are mainly made of materials with good thermal conductivity and uniform heating, such as copper, aluminum and cast iron.



3. Different ingredients for grilling: The frying pan is suitable for frying meat, eggs, sandwiches and toast. The wok pan is suitable for stir-frying and making stir-fried food and other dishes.


4. Different cooking styles: When using a wok, it is required to use a large fire to achieve rapid heating, fast cooking, and relatively short cooking time. While using a frying pan, more attention is paid to a stable medium heat and roasting time, so that the ingredients are evenly roasted and taste better.



5. The difference in method: When using a wok to stir-fry, it is often necessary to turn the wok and stir-fry frequently, so as to fully and evenly transfer the heat to the dishes. When using a frying pan, you need to put the ingredients in the pan, and then wait for a moment until it is cooked.